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Which Free-backup Hosting Plan is the Best

Which Free-backup Hosting Plan is the Best?

The tough back-up procedure needs to provide relevant materials and documents to the related bureau, which seems the prerequisite to use the domestic hosting plan. In order to avoid the complicated back-up procedure, some website owners may choose to use the free-backup hosting plan. So, which one is the best indeed?

In general, most domestic users usually give the priority to Hong Kong and American hosting plans. Actually, the reason for fancying Hong Kong hosting plan is based on its free back-up, affordable price, fast speed and relatively good stability. However, some site owners focusing on the e-commerce would prefer the U.S. hosting, which may provide the better access speed and stability to foreign clienteles.

Now that Hong Kong hosting seems better than other choices, so how can we make the right decision?

First, we should consider the functional data offering by the hosting, including the disk, web traffic, site number and the size of the database. In the aspect of the space size, you should make the decision depending on your actual needs. Basically, 500M is enough for most medium-and-small size websites. Then, you should check whether the hosting limits part of the functions, such as the traffic, IIS connection and the size and number of the database. Bluehost China‘s Hong Kong hosting provides users with the unlimited traffic and IIS connections so as to offer you the more abundant website resources.

Second, we should also care about the data center of the target plan, because the database can determine the speed, performance and stability of the hosting plan in the aspect of the hardware.

Finally, remember to check the support service. Many newbies and enterprises may encounter various predicaments during the process of getting familiar with the plan, so, owning an excellent after-sales service could help you solve problems and save the unnecessary cost. The hosting plan provided by Bluehost China guarantees 7/24 support service online and promises to address any problem in time.

So, you may have already known which one is suitable to you. Welcome to visit Bluehost China: https://cn.bluehost.com/

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