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The Introduction About Panel Plesk of BlueHost Windows Shared Hosting

BlueHost China official website has both Linux shared hosting and Windows shared hosting. And the former is using the cPanel control panel,while the Windows shared hosting is using the Plesk panel. Here I’ll show you the details about Plesk control panel of BlueHost Windows host.

Plesk is a software of Parallels ,which is dedicated to manage hosting space. It has various tool suite and powerful management capabilities. Among many shared hosting management software, Plesk dashboards are recognized by users around the world for its ease of use, consistent performance, and powerful features, especially as most U.S. hosts install Plesk Administration Panels for their Windows hosts.

BlueHost Windows shared hosting Plesk control panel

Bluehost Windows shared hosting is also using Plesk control panel, then for the novice webmaster, with Plesk panel,they can easily manage web pages, view statistics and create mail accounts and so on, and the most commonly used functions are as follows:

1 , Web site management. Plesk control panel supports domain name, FTP accounts, web documents and other content management, support the check of the remaining space website, traffic and other resources.

2,Mail management. Create and manage domain name email, support email account information modification, email forwarding setting, domain name alias setting and automatic reply setting.

3. Database management. Provide MySQL database management interface, database settings and delete functions, and it also supports MSSQL database online management.

4,Website backup. Support database, backup and recovery of part or the whole station content 。 It can set a regular backup, and support for remote FTP backup.

5. Safety Management .Provide password strength settings, FTP security settings and other security policies, support for IP address barring, SSL / TSL certificates, banned domain names and restrictions on access and other functions.

BlueHost installed the Plesk control panel for the Windows shared hosting, support interface switch between Chinese and English. What’s more, it is easy to manage the site. And Plesk panel that also contains hundreds of free applications, only by one click, can it be installed, such as common WordPress, Drupal and so on.

Plesk is indeed a stable, powerful control panel, you can find out more about the features in the Plesk panel.

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