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BlueHost Launches California Linux Shared Hosting

The shared hosting of BlueHost Chinese station has opend computer rooms in several regions,including the United States, Hong Kong, India and Europe and so on, among of which the America virtual host is located in Texas room. However, in recent days,there is a new member added in BlueHost hosting program,that is California host. Let’s look at the introduction about the newly launched BlueHost California Linux shared hosting.

Located in California computer room

The newly launched BlueHost shared hosting program is located in the California room. It is well-known that California is on the west coast of the United States, and it is one of the closest areas to mainland China, of course,this California room is closest to China, so the access speed of California server is relatively fast in China. At present, the shared hosting or server that many domestic website owners choose to rent are located in California room. Therefore, BlueHost launches the new California shared hosting is also to meet the faster speed needs of Chinese website owners.

Introduction about shared hosting programs

The newly launched California shared hosting only support Linux operating system, and it currently has one program,that is the Unlimited , which is not the same as the America shared hosting program in Texas. This program provides unlimited space and unlimited traffic , support creating unlimited mailboxes Account, and it can build unlimited stations. In addition, this host is also using the current popular cPanel control panel, which has powerful functions (Please look at the cPanel panel features)。

The newly launched BlueHost California Linux shared hosting supports annual payments, users should pay 128RMB monthly, while the Texas Plan C that provides unlimited space traffic is 116RMB / month, we can see its price / performance ratio is not very attractive.

By now, BlueHost has only launched one California Linux shared hosting package, because more people tend to like Linux host 。 If it can get positive customer feedback, probably more packages will be launched in the future.

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