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Newly Launched BlueHost Domestic Shared Hosting

Recently, collaborates with Shanghai Xiaolan Network Technology Co., Ltd. ,BlueHost has launched domestic shared hosting for customers in China. It is reported that the shared hosting server is located in Shanghai room, which can offer the faster speed for website owners. Below let’s look at the introduction about the newly launched BlueHost domestic shared hosting.

BlueHost has enabled the new domain name bluehost.cn, and operated jointly with Shanghai Xiaolan Network Technology Co., Ltd. ,also launched the shared hosting for Shanghai computer room exclusively. This website and BlueHost Chinese website runs separately, and individually provides the corresponding host rental service. Through whois ,you can find that now bluehost.cn belongs to “Shanghai xiaolan wangluo keji youxian gongsi”, means that this domain name currently belongs to Shanghai Xiaolan Network Technology Co., Ltd. Therefore, we guess that it should be BlueHost empower Xiaolan to operate like this.

Then, what are the programs for this newly launched BlueHost domestic shared hosting ? In fact,we can know from the site that it both support Linux and Windows operating systems, but Linux only provides one program ,that is Powerful, while Windows systems provides two programs ,including Powerful and ASP.NET Pro, all these three schemes support unlimited station, unlimited space traffic and unlimited mailbox Account, their configuration is basically equivalent to the Plan B of BlueHost Chinese official website.

BlueHost domestic shared hosting also uses the cPanel(Linux host) and Plesk (Windows host) 。 As shown in website, we think this kind of host does not differ much from the host that of Chinese station, and the only difference is the location of different rooms,for example,the computer rooms launched by BlueHost Chinese official website including the United States, Hong Kong, Europe and India, while the domestic shared hosting only have one room in Shanghai.

This site has cross-regional value-added telecommunications business license, so the host product should not have much problem. However, if you use BlueHost domestic shared hosting, you will be required to put it on record as well. We often choose BlueHost overseas web hosting, that is out of their advantages in no record and premium performance .

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