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How About the Speed of BlueHost China Shared Hosting

How About the Speed of BlueHost China Shared Hosting ?

Generally, the speed is one of the factors that website owners often concern when purchasing web hosting, and the speed of the web hosting has a huge impact on the web site‘s operations. So how about the speed of BlueHost China Shared Hosting? fast or not? Let’s have a look in the following.

But before that, we first need to know where their computer rooms are? The rooms of hosts that launched by BlueHost China are located in the United States, Hong Kong, Europe and India, but different room servers certainly have different access speed. Generally speaking, we need to analyze the host speed according to the site’s visitor base and its room location.

Domestic visitors

If your customers are mainly in China, then which engine room is faster? From the geographical location, we can arrange them as Hong Kong, India, the United States and Europe, which means that if your site visitors in the country, you should give priority to BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting.

International visitors

As for building foreign trade station, which computer rooms should we choose ? At this time ,we also need to analyze where the visitors are? If they are Asian users, then choose Hong Kong and India room is faster; if they are American users, then choose the United States room; if the users from Europe, absolutely choose the European room. Therefore, if it is the foreign trade users to build a station, we also need to select the corresponding room according to the location of the visitors.

Since BlueHost launched the Chinese station, it has been highly praised by many users. It is reported that BlueHost Hong Kong host sells well in China, so we can find that most of owners are building stations toward domestic users, and it also illustrates that the host in Hong Kong room is still perform well in the speed.

Just as “there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people‘s eyes”。 Therefore, if you want to determine how about the speed, you’d better experience it yourself. In addition ,BlueHost supports 30 days full refund guarantee, if you want to test the host speed, you might as well try it yourself.

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