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What if Bluehost is attacked by DDOS

What if Bluehost is attacked by DDOS ?

BlueHost is a famous hosting provider in the United States. Since entering the domestic market,it has been favoured by many users because of its excellent functions. However,there is always someone asks: what if Bluehost is attacked by DDOS ? Below I’ll give you an introduction.

DDOS is also the so-called “Distributed Denial of Service” ,means that a number of DOS attack sources attack a host server together,which formed a DDOS attack. In general, DDOS attacks are happened in the host server,nearly not in the site.

When it comes to the defense of DDOS attacks, BlueHost has its special countermeasures, but has not been disclosed, in order to prevent hackers from attacking. Generally, the methods to resist DDOS attacks including manual defense, router or firewall hardware protection and so on. When these measures are taken to against DDOS attacks, the site still run normally, but the host server slower than usual temporarily. While some other non-defensive hosts will cause the site break down after being attacked.

If the website has been attacked slightly, users can also set himself to prevent attacks. First, the user should log in to the cpanel control panel of Bluehost shared hosting , find “IP blocker” in “security” section, and click to enter;

After entering the page, add the malicious IP address here, then this IP will not be able to attack your site.

DDOS attack is unpredictable, but if you chose the BlueHost hosts, you can effectively protect the site‘s security. Because this kind of host has the defense function itself, and it can be set to deny any IP address access after the attack is detected.

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