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The advantages and disadvantages of BlueHost

The advantages and disadvantages of BlueHost

As we all know that BlueHost is an experienced host company in the United States, and a reliable brand of overseas host. However, every coin has two sides, below I’ll show you the advantages and disadvantages of BlueHost.

As an established hosting company in the United States , BlueHost was established in 1996 and has provided hosting services for users in many countries in the world. Up to now, it has more than 20 years of service experience. And BlueHost provides both windows and Linux virtual hosting to meet the needs of different users.

Advantages :

1, Good Reputation

BlueHost is an earlier hosting company that has entered into China market. Over years, it has won good reputation for its fast speed and good stability. However, with low barriers to entry the host industry, many small service providers emerges, while users always prefer to those have good security, stability and good reputation.

2, cPanel control panel with Chinese interface

The control panel that BlueHost uses is cpanel, it is currently the most popular control panel, easy to use, and supports the Chinese interface. Even novice can quickly understand the function of the panel, and the binding of the domain name, establishment of a new database and the decompression of files online can be finished quickly.

3. Stable Performance

BlueHost has been specially optimized for the users in mainland China, whether you’re Netcom users or telecommunications users, you can open the website smoothly. Besides, the performance is also very stable, it can be a very suitable host for the foreign trade industry.

4, Low price

BlueHost has a low price, you can also use BlueHost discount code to enjoy more discounts.

5, Premium services

BlueHost has launched Chinese station and Chinese customer service to better serve the domestic users, which can help effectively solve the problem of domestic users. And BlueHost support refund if users are not satisfied with the application.


1, The limitations of file numbers

BlueHost has a limit of file numbers, up to around 200,000. But now the site‘s basic data information almost stored in the database, just some attachments and pictures are included in the file, so that 200,000 is completely enough for some medium-sized sites.

2, Powerful Security

If BlueHost install the firewall improperly , or the firewall is too high, the website will be affected, even can not be accessed.

What mentioned above are advantages and disadvantages of BlueHost. In a word, BlueHost is still very good, it is worth purchasing.

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