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The Way To Create a WordPress Website on Bluehost China

Establish your Chinese official website backed up by Bluehost China, your business may embrace a more promising future.

In recent years, the well-known web hosting enterprise Bluehost and its sister company Bluehost China based in Hong Kong have already jointly drawn the wide attention all around the world.

So, it is time that you shall try to build a website in China with the support of Bluehost China cn.bluehost.com, and here are some tips to get you there.

Maybe you have been familiar with the general functions of Bluehost, but this post will further provide you with the detailed instructions in the aspect of Bluehost China and guide you all the way.

Chinese Virtual Hosting

Of course, building a Chinese website can win you tremendous leads for you business.

According to 2014 World Bank statistics, there are 669 million internet users in China. So if you want to create an international brand, then you should seize the giant opportunity in this mysterious country.

Before you get started, please remember that the laws and regulations in Chinese mainland differ from those in other areas, including Hong Kong, so hosting a website in a mainland China’s server is not that easy as you imagined.

In accordance with the censorship rules, the Chinese government requires every website owner to apply for an Internet Content Provider license (ICP) before launching a website. Once the license is ready, the website hosted in China will therefore obsess the right to operate in the mainland. But as for those foreign website owners, some additional items need to be fulfilled.

If you pay a visit to any Chinese site, you will possibly find the ICP license number at the bottom of the landing page:

Bluehost China

For the sake of the difficulty of applying for an ICP , I will not go into the further detail here. But I do think you may need to hire a mainland China hosting provider to smooth the application process.

Another way out?

If you wanna attract a bundle of audiences within China in an easier manner, finding yourself a Hong Kong virtual hosting provider would be a good choice.

Even with no ICP license or censorship needed, every website owner could still build and host a site in Hong Kong compared to the mainland China.

With that being said, let’s go through the process for you to create a WordPress website with the help of Bluehost China!

Step 1: Choose a Hong Kong Hosting Provider

As I mentioned above, Bluehost is a renowned virtual hosting provider in China, and a top-ten best hosting company within the worldwide. This company has engaged in the hosting domain for nearly 20 years and has powered over 2 million websites all around the world.

The reason for the popularity of Bluehost hosting plans is not only due to their user-friendly features, stable performance and affordable prices, but also the convenience of using cPanel (Linux hosting) and Plesk panel (Windows hosting)。

Therefore, these benefits win Bluehost back dozens of positive virtual hosting reviews from its clients. And if you get interested in these reviews, you could check and browse the detailed information given by those website owners. It is the perfect functions that make this platform an ideal option for the people in need.

Once you want to build an Chinese website, Bluehost China therefore becomes the first choice coming in your mind. Despite the default language of Bluehost China is Chinese, you could alter the language of backend cPanel and domain management interfaces into English or other languages, as shown in the picture below.

In addition, the customer service also supports English.

Bluehost China

It’s meaningless to worry about the Chinese in the landing page and the set-up, because this article will provide you with the detailed information. And if you meet any problem, you could comment below, contact the customer service or contact our Bluehost China team.

Bluehost China’s Shared Hosting Plans

The comparison sheet of various shared hosting plans available in Bluehost China is as below.

shared hosting

Bluehost China’s Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Plans

The comparison sheet of various Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans available in Bluehost China is as below.

bluehost China

Step 2: Signing up for Bluehost China and Registering A Domain Name

Initially, the first step to register a domain name is to visit the official website of Bluehost China.

Like American Bluehost, Bluehost China also provides users with the shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

In this article, I will choose the most popular hosting plan——Linux shared hosting and utilize the following pictures to assist you to choose your own option.

shared hosting

Upon your finishing browsing hosting products and clicking the target option in the dropdown menu, you will be redirected to the corresponding page. In this article, the default plan is Linux shared hosting.

In the new page, you will be given four server locations to choose: USA, India, Europe and Hong Kong.

Here, we choose Hong Kong server location and select plan B offering unlimited websites, website space, bandwidth and emails.

•You can choose the number of years and months for the plan you want to purchase. Obviously, the longer you engage in, the more affordable price you will acquire.

•Click the “Buy Now” button to move into the next step.

How to Create a WordPress Website on Bluehost China

After the previous step, you will decide your domain name in the domain registration page.

•Click the “Proceed to checkout” button to move on.

choose a domain name

While registering a domain name, you can also purchase other services listed on the same popup window, such as website security software SiteLock and website backup software CodeGuard.

And in the next step, you could have an overall check before you do the purchase:

•First, choose a domain name. The website system will show you if your target domain name is available.

•If your ideal name has been registered by others , you will be recommended selecting other domain options.

•In addition, you can also choose the number of years of domain ownership you want to purchase in the dropdown menu.

purchase domain name

•Go through your shopping cart.

•Then click “Check out”。 After 10 seconds, the system will move on to next page for you to register your detailed account info. If you already own a Bluehost China account, you can directly log in.

Bluehost China

•Fill in all the information in the picture below and click “Create an account” button. And then you will be redirected to the check out page.

The Way To Create a WordPress Website on Bluehost China

•In this page, making your payment via Credit card, Paypal or Alipay, and don’t forget to click the “ Pay ” button.

The Way To Create a WordPress Website on Bluehost China

Step 3: cPanel Login

Before performing any further function on this platform, first you should verify your email address.

A welcome email titled “注意!” (Note) or “客户注册” (Customer Registration) would be found in your inbox.

The Way To Create a WordPress Website on Bluehost China

In the email body, you will find a long link which can help you complete the verification process of your registered email address.

Then, several confirmation letters would be sent to your inbox. One email titled with “操作完成” concludes all your hosting account details, such as FTP, cPanel, and DNS credentials.

And another email beginning with “完成”will help you with the domain management. Please remember open the letter and click the Domain Management link in the main body in order to save the relevant link.

To prevent you from deleting the email, you can directly access this address in need: http://cn.bluehost.com/login.php.

The Way To Create a WordPress Website on Bluehost China

Once you click the link in the main body, you will be automatically redirected to Bluehost China’s domain management page. And in this page, you can scroll down to the bottom and change your default language at the right corner.

Bluehost China

After you complete the language alteration, click “Manage Web Hosting” to access your cPanel.

web hosting

Cpanel will be appeared in a popup window and by default is in Chinese 。

Bluehost China

Click the pattern in the picture below to change your cPanel language at the bottom of the page.

change language

Select the language you want to apply from the dropdown menu and click“Change”。

Bluehost China

Then, click the “Go Back” button and you will be redirected to cPanel page.

You’re almost done! Congrats!

Bluehost China

Step 4: Hosting WordPress Website on Bluehost China

In the cPanel page, you may find the WordPress icon in the Scripts section under “Softaculous Apps Installer”。 Click it !

Wordpress website

Then, there will be a new popup page and you can customize your WordPress website here. And of course, don’t forget your username and password just for the sake of the later sign in.

But pay attention here, the username and password for WordPress CMS differ from the ones you used to purchase your hosting account. So, you can decide to use the previous username and password or create new ones.

Wordpress CMS

And after creating the username and password, remember to click “Install” button.

Bluehost China

When the installation is done, well, your new WordPress website managed by Blueshost China is now created !

Step 5: How to Log in My WordPress Website?

First, go to http://ihosrteport.com/wp-login/ and log in with the username and password you created for WordPress CMS.

Second, use your own website domain name, in my case http://ihostreport.com/wp-login/,


After doing this, you will enter WordPress CMS. And here your WordPress journey truly begins !

Why My Domain Name Fails to Work ?

When registering a totally new domain name, it usually doesn’t show up immediately for the sake that many configurations have to be applied and settled down. 72 hours is the common reaction time for the CMS platform to realize the significant alteration of your domain name.

But if you operate your WordPress domain professionally and it still fails to work, well you shall follow the instructions below:

You should go to the Domain Management page and update your name servers according to the email titled with “操作完成” you received during the domain registration.

When entering the Domain Management page, you will see “Name Servers” as the third option. Click it and perform your corresponding actions like add or reduce name servers in the popup window.

Be sure that you make the alteration in accordance with the email we mentioned above in this part.

It gonna be work indeed. If not, you can get in touch with the support team of Bluehost China to seek for the professional advice.


We truly hope this article on how to create a WordPress website on Bluehost China will remove your confusion and provide you with the most professional advice.

Once you get in trouble, please leave a message in the comment box below or contact the technical team of Bluehost China with no hesitation. Good luck !

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