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Why is bluehost popular in China

1, Premium Brand and Good Reputation

BlueHost is an established host of the United States, it has more than 20 years of hosting experience since its foundation , and it has entered into Chinese market for a long time. From any point of view, Whether it is the word of mouth of merchants or the user‘s use evaluation, BlueHost is always one of the premium host. What’s more, it also performs well in speed and stability , and it is affordable.

2, Chinese Support

Both for novice owners and some of the experienced owners, language is always the biggest problem in the use of overseas host. When choose products, users will at a loss for the unknown language, even worse, they have difficulties in communicate effectively or solve problems. However, BlueHost launched the Chinese site and Chinese customer service, so site owners can communicate effectively with the Chinese customer service and promptly solve the problem. Meanwhile, the products in BlueHost interface and background control panel are also support Chinese.

3, Premium Hong Kong data center

The United States, Europe and other computer rooms relatively far away from China, and the speed is relatively slow. However, Hong Kong host is close to China and has fast speed, also its computer room is well-equipped, so it has good stability. Therefore, Hong Kong data center is favoured by many domestic users. But not every high-quality hosting provider has a Hong Kong data center, we can find from BlueHost China that BlueHost Hong Kong has a Hong Kong data center.

4, Alipay Payment

Many hosting providers in the United States pay by credit card, PAYPAL U.S. account, but many domestic owners do not have a credit card, let alone PAYPAL payment, so many of them have to give up the overseas host. So many U.S. host companies, including BlueHost hosting provider, have introduced the most used Alipay payment methods in China, to better serve domestic users, which is convenient to users in their purchase.

What mentioned above are part of the reasons why choose BlueHost Web Hosting to build sites, in addition,we can also find that BlueHost virtual host is good enough for users to buy.

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