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Coupon Codes of GoDaddy

Coupon Codes of GoDaddy- $ 12 each year , 1 site with 1 additional domain ,100GB hard drive

GoDaddy is the largest domain name registrar in the world, and it can be one overseas domain name registrar that we’re familiar with , up till now, it has nearly 20 years of history. Generally speaking, Godaddy is our common choice. And now, the. COM domain merchants is about 55 RMB (Coupon Codes Lists of Godaddy ), In fact, Godaddy also has most users in virtual host.

Godaddy virtual host has data centers in United States, Singapore, the European , and we always choose the United States, which is suitable for foreign trade purposes, however,we don’t recommended it to Chinese sites, because the speed is not well. Godaddy’s basic configuration is about $ 12 each year, one site will provide one domain name for free, and its 100GB hard drive is enough to basic website.

1. Configuation

· Scheme : Economy

· Sites Number: 1

· Hard Drive: 100GB

· Free Domain: 1

· Traffic: Unlimited

· Price: $12 each year

· Machine Room: U.S.

· Scheme : Deluxe

· Sites Number: Unlimited

· Hard Drive: Unlimited

· Free Domain: 1

· Traffic: Unlimited

· Price: $4.99/month

· Machine Room: U.S.

Economy scheme may be the cost-effective choice, $12 one year, and give one free domain name, but now, it just support PAYPAL payment, not Alipay payment.

2. Suggestions

1), To choose U.S Machine Room that the Singapore line bypass

2), Support PAYPAL payment, not Alipay payment

3), Domain name needs to be purchased with the host, purchase host will send free domain name.

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