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Hong Kong Virtual Hosting Coupon Code

  Coupon Codes of SugarHosts-299RMB/year HongKong/Taiwan/U.S.host PRO scheme provide independent IP for free

  SugarHosts is an overseas host, known as candy host, founded in 2009, it mainly provides virtual host, and later,it also involved in VPS, servers and other business. Its virtual host business is relatively stable and rich, it has several machine rooms ,such as, the United States, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan and so on, which are suitable for starters and user projects that virtual host support.

  For Chinese website, it’s better to choose Hong Kong virtual hosting, the U.S directly connected room or Taiwan machine room. Taiwan host does not provide free independent IP, other room PRO schemes will provide independent IP address for free at first.

  1. Configuation

  · Scheme: Shared Baby

  · Disk: 5GB

  · Traffic: 30GB/month

  · Sites Numbers: 2

  · Annual Payment: 299RMB

  · Two-year Payment: 551RMB

  · Three-year Payment: 719RMB

  · Independent IP: No

  · System: Linux/cPanel

  · Monthly Payment: Purchase from official site

  · Scheme: Shared Pro

  · Disk: Unlimited

  · Traffic: 100GB/month

  · Sites Number: 10

  · Annual Payment: 551RMB

  · Two-year Payment: 1031RMB

  · Three-year Payment: 1439RMB

  · Independent IP: Yes

  · System: Linux/cPanel

  · Monthly Payment: Purchase from official site

  There is slightly difference in the prices of Hong Kong ,the U.S directly connected room and other schemes 。 PRO scheme began to give free IP address, and Business scheme give domain name.

  2. Promotions

  Now, there is no official promotions, If you order directly, offers will be embedded in the shopping cart without the need to input a promotion code. For renewals, we can get the coupon code for renewals in the back end.


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