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Monthly Coupon Code List Of NameCheap

Today we’ll introduce some Coupon code of NameCheap to you. In fact, there is no big difference every month, such as the domain name is cheaper tens of cents or VPS at a 10% discount. NAMECHEAP now has adjusted web hosting plans, it seems not only focus on domain name products, its first year promotion also charming, and according to the basic plan 3 which is paid annually, its site machine just for 60 RMB.

We summarize the latest monthly promotional information of NameCheap as follows

(updated in October 2017):


1. Domain Coupons


Details: New registration. COM / NET / ORG domain name 9.61 + 0.18, into. COM / NET / ORG domain name 8.79 + 0.18, to offer you the additional privacy protection service.


2. NameCheap Web Hosting Coupon Code

Since November 2014, if you need to purchase NAMECHEAP web host, it is really cheap at first year. The lowest price of Namecheap web host(20GB hard drive and with no traffic restriction) in the first year is RMB60, and it can support you to create 3 website.


3. Server at a 25% discount

Coupon Code: SRVRFEST

DESCRIPTION: buying server at a 25% discount

What mentioned above is the latest offer information for NAMECHEAP domain name / host / server products this month. If you prefer to NC products, you can make a purchase according to the above coupon code in order to reduce your anticipated expenditure.


Please refer to the Namecheap website to view more .

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