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The differences between Bluehost and GoDaddy

Recently, more and more websites owners begin to choose the foreign hosts, that is because the domestic host needs to do record. However, there are a variety of foreign hosts, owners need to make a contrast before choosing. Here lets look at the differences between Bluehost and GoDaddy.

1, Introductions about these two host providers:

BlueHost is an established host provider in the United States, founded in 1996 in Utah, it has been focusing on hosting services for 20 years. Since 2013, it began to launch services like VPS hosting services ,China shared hosting, dedicated hosting services and so on, which further to expand the range of services. In 2014, it also launched Chinese station and Chinese customer service, to better serve the domestic users, so that solving the communication problems.

As for GoDaddy, it is a well-known hosting provider and domain name registrar in the United States, founded in 1999. GoDaddy mainly provides global users with virtual hosts, VPS , dedicated servers and other host products etc., and it currently has acquired more than tens of millions of users. GoDaddy‘s virtual hosting products provide two operating systems,including Linux and Windows,which can meet the different needs of different users.

2, Host Schemes:

GoDaddy Web Hosting provides three kind of host schemes, including economic level, Deluxe level and Ultimate level, and these three plans all support both Linux and Windows , so owners can choose the right system according to their needs. While BlueHost also supports Linux and Windows , and each of these two systems also offer three plans, namely Plan A, Plan B, Plan C. In addition, BlueHost also offers a variety of rooms for users to choose , there are United States as well as Hong Kong, India and Europe.

3, Coupon Codes:

Purchasing overseas host products, you’ll enjoy a discount by using coupon codes. For example, using BlueHost Coupon Codes to purchase BlueHost products, once you choose the Plan B , Plan C of the virtual host in any computer room for one year, two years or three years,you’ll enjoy a discount of 45%. while purchasing any dedicated servers whose computer rooms located in the United States, Hong Kong, Shanghai and so on, you ‘ll enjoy a a discount of 20% in the first year. Using GoDaddy Coupon Codes, you will enjoy a 53% discount.

4, After-sales Service:

What BlueHost used are famous computer rooms, which provides the most advanced server room systems, equipped with professionals at 24 hours. At the same time, BlueHost also provides Chinese customer service 7 * 24 hours online for users to solve the problem. As for GoDaddy, it uses self-built computer rooms, equipped with good hardware and software, there are also gatekeepers to detect within 24 hours, and its Chinese customer service ready to answers the user’s questions.

In the general, Bluehost and GoDaddy are famous host providers in the United States, and both have their own advantages, so users can make a choice based on their specific needs.

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