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What Is Cloud Hosting? And What Features Does It Have?

What Is Cloud Hosting? And What Features Does It Have?

In recent years, the advancement of Internet data center has maken the cloud platform become the core part in this regard. Cloud hosting is a kind of web hosting plan concerning several advantages of high online rate, intelligent fault tolerance, genuine system and no backup procedure, etc, especially suitable for those clients with the requirements of higher operation quality.

What Is Cloud Hosting

What Is Cloud Hosting

In this ever-changing era, cloud hosting can be regarded as the most popular topic in IT domain. Basically, no matter big enterprises or SMEs can enjoy the benefits brought by the cloud computing. In general, SMEs can dramatically decrease the input costs of software and hardware resources so as to let them utilize the high-end and high precision technologies like larger companies, easily build their own websites and Internet services and transfer their focuses to the innovation and reform. In addition, the advantages such as the convenient cloud service as well as the quick deployment and scale offered by the cloud computing are greatly welcomed by massive SMEs.

Therefore, the two most significant services including the cloud computing and web hosting are linked with each other tightly, which later forms the cloud hosting. Sounds very great for SMEs, right?

So, what features does this new option have?

1. The number of site connections rises linearly in accordance with the increase in node servers, breaking the connection limitation of every single site.

2. Multiple node servers implement load balancing. When one server suffers the high volume of traffic, the rest of loads will be automatically distributed among other nodes in the server cluster in order to effectively fight back the attacks from outside hackers.

3. When a site on a node cannot be accessed, the site‘s access will be automatically transferred to the same site on the next node, effectively avoiding the failure of one single station.

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