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Routine Maintenance Of Data Center

Routine Maintenance Of Data Center

With summer approaching, the high temperature has become the great danger to the maintenance of the data center. Below, we will share some information with you in order to address the pain points of our users.

Routine Maintenance Of Data Center

Routine Maintenance Of Data Center

I. Center Environment

1. Temperature & Humidity

Optimum operating temperature: 20-25 degrees Celsius, extreme operating temperature: 10-40 degrees Celsius, humidity: 8-80% (under the condition of 23 degrees Celsius)

2. Necessity for Center Hygiene

The data center should keep servers far away from the dust, or it can easily cause the resource read or write errors and damage relevant disks. Thus, the staff in charge should clean the dust by using the brush at regular time.

II. Power Supply

Voltage: stable voltage needed, the peak voltage will damage the equipment. Voltage range: 220V +/- 10%, ie 200-240V, 50-60Hz. Power: Depending on the machine type and system configuration.

Power line: containing zero, ground and live lines and the voltages of the zero and ground lines may not exceed 3.0V.

Power connection: Connect the air switch or other equipment that meets the current requirements with the mainframe power line. Adopt the regulated power supply and UPS to ensure the reliable operation of the computer system. Utilize two separate lines for the access of the redundant power supply.

III. Hardware Check

Check whether the installations of the server, magnetic array and host of power cord meet the requirements.

Server status check:

1. When the server is in the startup and normal operating state, no information should be displayed on the LCD of its front panel.

2. When a message with digits and letters appears on the LCD, a hardware alarm is displayed. You can figure out the corresponding alarm reason by checking the panel alarm digital information of the relevant model. If the situation is serious, you must immediately notify the provider for troubleshooting.

Above all are the main points of the server‘s routine maintenance. The high temperature and humidity in summer is a totally challenge for the data center, so to speak. Therefore, we should learn more about this aspect and ensure the normal operating of the server.

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