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What Factors Should Be Considered When Foreign Trade Station Choose Server

Generally, foreign trade enterprises often choose the overseas host which has fast speed and without need to record 。 Experienced foreign trade enterprises can select corresponding host according to users location, such as, users in Europe can choose the host in Europe, users in Asia can choose Hong Kong host and other Asian hosts. In the light of user’s needs, US Host BlueHost has launched the room servers like United States, Hong Kong, Europe and India on its Chinese station.


Then, what factors need to be considered when foreign trade enterprises choose servers?

1. The parameters and configuration of server

bluehost server

bluehost server

Although many domestic sites are using asp and windows platform to build architecture, personally, I think it is better to choose foreign websites and linux platform,which is more suitable for foreign customers, and easy for Google search engine to search, such as WordPress , Drupal, Zencart and so on. Generally, these foreign programs are supporting various types of foreign SNS features by default, because facebook, twitter and others are popular in foreign country. In addition, Google engine crawling also tend to foreign programs. It is better to use foreign programs to reduce unnecessary trouble. The mainly vendors provide one-click setup, especially integrated cPanel host, such as Bluehost install WordPress program operation by one click 。

2, As mentioned above, when it comes to speed , you should first consider where your customers mainly are? If they are in America, you have to choose a server with faster speed in the United States, preferably the United States server, for example, Bluehost US host; if the main customers are in Europe, Bluehost China‘s European hosts can be considered; if the customers are mainly in Asia or Southeast Asia, then you can choose Hong Kong server, or India server.

3, Above all, the stability is an important factor should be considered. If the site can’t run stably, may give customers a very bad impression, and then your products would be questioned. Now,the mainly host providers will basically guarantee a 99% uptime, but in fact this still need your serious research, because reputation is the most important. However,the 99% online rate of Bluehost shared hosting is trusted, it is worth choosing.

In addition to the above three points , as well as after-sales service, cost-effective and other aspects should be considered. In short, there are many factors to consider when select the server for foreign trade site. However, we recommend BlueHost here, which has great performance,fast speed, and also supports global CDN acceleration technology.

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