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The Introduction about BlueHost Cloud Shared Hosting

Recently, BlueHost China Station newly launched a cloud shared hosting. It is reported that this cloud shared hosting has greater performance, and more stable than the traditional shared hosting 。 Now, let‘s take a look at the introduction and advantages of BlueHost cloud shared hosting.

BlueHost cloud shared hosting introduction

BlueHost cloud shared hosting is also a kind of web hosting product, but it has a highly available cloud architecture that can put site data in cloud storage. At the same time ,the cloud shared hosting runs on each node server of the servers cluster, on which you can also find an identical site , and the configuration and data of the same site on different node servers are consistent. In addition, cloud shared hosting has high online rate, intelligent fault tolerant, no backup and other advantages.

BlueHost cloud shared hosting programs

BlueHost China has launched several cloud shared hostinging products, including Personal Cloud, Business Cloud and Pro Cloud, which are all located in the United States data center. By contrast, the basic configuration of the cloud shared hosting, such as CPU, memory and broadband resources are more abundant, can satisfy the users with higher requirements of establishing a station.

BlueHost cloud shared hosting advantages

1, Safer. The user’s website data can automatically synchronized on servers in three different locations. If one of the server fails to work, then the technology,such as failover, will automatically copy the contents of the site, and move it into the other two normal servers, so the operations of sites will not be affected.

2,Faster. With high-end hardware and low-density servers, the cloud platform uses the varnish caching layer and global CDN cache to ensure a fast response, and the websites can load and open faster.

3, More simple. Through the quick view provided by dashboard, users can easily master the site’s condition, such as access trends, webpage download speed, uptime, global influence etc., as well as real-time resource management tools.

4, Bigger. BlueHost cloud shared hosting provides greater CPU, memory resources, and increase resources as needed. No need to shut down or restart, even no additional hidden fees.

In short, the newly launched BlueHost cloud shared hosting has faster speed,more stable performance and higher security. of course, it is much more expensive than traditional shared hosting. If the owners have a higher demand for building sites, can try the BlueHost cloud shared hosting. Click here to visit BlueHost Chinese station

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