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What‘s Differences between Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting

What‘s Differences between Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting?

As we all know, many enterprises and website owners regard the shared hosting as their first choices before the cloud hosting gets mushroomed in recent years. But now, the dominance obviously transfers to the later one. So, what’s the differences between the shared hosting and the cloud hosting?

The concept of the Shared Hosting is that the limited space of one server is partitioned into several tiny spaces by the virtual tech, and every tiny space is just one shared hosting. Every virtual hosting here has the independent domain name, IP address and complete Internet function which are the same with the real server. The fee this plan will cost is relatively inexpensive because of its simple operation. In addition, the shared hosting also has no dedicated operation system and only can be operated by the provided control panel. Also, its stability and access speed are limited to a certain degree.

Cloud Hosting is a hosting product of the cloud computing system. Although this hosting server is similar to the VPS one, the distinct is that the cloud hosting is the dedicated part that is partitioned from the station group, owning the independent bandwidth and IP, which enables the user to install various operation systems and server environments according to the actual needs. Moreover, every server in the station group has an image of the cloud hosting. So, once one machine fails out, users may redirect to other servers, which in theory can avoid the overall downtime. So, the cloud hosting is stronger than the VPS hosting in the aspects of the stability and security,

Above all, the cloud hosting has the excellent competitive edge than the shared hosting. However, when facing the time to make the final decision, no matter enterprises or webmasters, the stability and safety should always be your first concern forever.

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